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The Road to

The White House

Attend the Presidential inauguration and be a part of our Nation’s history. Celebrate our democracy, and to stand in unity as we move forward together.

Inauguration Day 2025

The Presidential Inauguration ceremony takes place at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC. The next Presidential Inauguration is scheduled to take place on January 20, 2025.


The Presidential Inauguration

The historical significance of the Inauguration.

Inauguration Day is the day when the president-elect and vice-president-elect are sworn in and take office.

Republican Primary Convention – July 15-18, 2024

Democratic Primary Convention – August 19–22, 2024

Presidential Election – November 5, 2024

Presidential Inauguration – January 20, 2025

Inauguration FAQs

How can I get tickets to one of the Presidential Inaugural events?

Tickets for Inaugural Events can be obtained through your Congressional representatives. Allocations are decided by each representative, and you can request them through their Congressional offices. Tickets are limited, and lottery systems are often used to distribute tickets to constituencies. In addition to this, tickets will become available through secondary ticket sources as well.

Do I need tickets to watch the Inaugural Parade?

No. Tickets are not required to attend the incoming President’s Inaugural Parade. However, there will be several ticketed areas that will be restricted to ticket holders only.

What is a sanctioned Presidential Inaugural Ball? What is an un-sanctioned Presidential Inaugural Ball?

Presidential Inaugural Gala Balls are split into two categories – sanctioned and un-sanctioned. At a sanctioned ball, the new President is guaranteed to make an appearance. Not so in the un-sanctioned balls – while it is not unprecedented, the President is not expected to attend.

How much do tickets cost?

While tickets to the Inaugural Balls vary in price, the tickets to the Swearing In Ceremony and Inaugural Parade may be obtained from your Congressional Representatives at little to no cost. If you are unable to obtain them this way, there are other options to purchase tickets so you may attend one of these historic events.

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