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Inaugural Ball



The Presidential Inaugural Ball

Every 4 years as the United States celebrates a peaceful transfer of power from the previous administration to the next, there are dozens of Inaugural Balls and Gala’s that take place in the Washington DC area.

The Inaugural Balls usually come in 2 categories – sanctioned and un-sanctioned. The sanctioned balls are where the President is guaranteed to make an appearance.

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What is the Inaugural Ball?

Be a part of Presidential history by attending this important event and witnessing the Historic Inaugural Parade of the new President. The Parade has been a part of the Nation’s history since the election of General George Washington in 1788.

Inaugural Tickets has been proudly handling Presidential Inaugural event tickets since the inauguration of Bill Clinton in 1993. We buy and sell tickets for all Presidential Inaugural events including the Inaugural Parade, Inaugural Balls, and the Presidential Swearing-In Ceremony. Based in Washington D.C., we specialize in national sports, concerts, and theatrical events.

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Inaugural Ball FAQs

How can I get tickets to the Presidential Inaugural Ball?

Tickets are available through your House and/or Senate representatives. The Presidential Inaugural Committee sets a price for the event.

How many Inaugural Balls will there be?

While President Obama decreased the amount of Inaugural Balls that are typically held due to economic conditions, 2017 observed well over a dozen Inaugural Balls. Stay tuned here for announcements regarding the 2025 Inaugural Balls as the Inauguration approaches. Here is an incomplete list of Inaugural Balls for the 2025 Presidential Inauguration.

Will the President be at the Inaugural Ball?

The evening of the inauguration (and in the days after) there are many Balls held in and around Washington DC. They are separated into 2 types – sanctioned and un-sanctioned. The President is scheduled to attend the sanctioned Balls only.

Is there a dress code for the Inaugural Balls?

It depends on the Ball. Some Inaugural Balls are black tie events, while others employ a more casual environment. Be sure to check with the website of the Ball you wish to attend ahead of time and plan accordingly.

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