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Inaugural Resources

The Swearing-In Ceremony

The 2021 Swearing-In Ceremony will be a historic, once-in-a-lifetime event taking place on January 20th, 2021. Whether we are welcoming a new President into the office, or elongating the current President’s tenure, it will be an event that will live in our collective memory for generations to come.

The Inaugural Parade

The 2021 Inaugural Parade is a procession of the newly sworn-in US President, Vice President, and their families. Following the Swearing-In Ceremony and benedictions, there is a Presidential luncheon held for the newly sworn in administration. After the luncheon, they will travel down travel down Pennsylvania Avenue and gather at the East Front of the US Capitol.

The Inaugural Ball

The 59th Quadrennial Presidential Inauguration and following activities will mark the beginning of a new period in our nation’s history. The grand finale of the day will be the evening’s Inaugural Balls. Today, there are numerous Inaugural Balls, sanctioned and not sanctioned. Many of the balls are specific to a state and thus the theme of the evening is reflected so. Then, there is usually the main ball, honoring the birth state of the New President.

Hotels & Restaurants in Washington DC

The 2021 Presidential Inauguration is approaching fast! We are keeping up a list of hotels in downtown Washington DC that are convenient to all of the Inaugural Events. Please call the hotel well ahead of schedule as rooms are filling up fast! Hotels generally sell out in each Inauguration, so don’t wait too long to book your accomodations.

Museums & Sightseeing

A great way to celebrate the 59th Presidential Inauguration is to visit one of the Smithsonian museums. Located in and around the National Mall (with additional museums throughout downtown Washinton DC), The Smithsonian Museum complex is one of the largest in the world. So in-between the 2021 Inaugural festivities, stimulate your mind with some American History or world class art!

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